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Shipping & Returns

1. Shipping

Trudon only delivers its products in the European Union (postal boxes excluded). Trudon only delivers through UPS services. The Customer will receive its products 30 days maximum after receiving his confirmation email.

The shipping delays are the following expressed in business days.

France 1 to 2 days
Belgium 1 day
Luxembourg 2 days
Netherlands 2 days
Denmark 2 days
Germany 2 days
Slovenia 2 days
Austria 2 to 3 days
Italy 2 to 3 days
Czech Republic 2 to 3 days
Poland 2 to 3 days
Ireland 3 days
Spain 3 days
Croatia 3 days
Portugal 3 to 4 days
Sweden 3 to 5 days
Hungary 4 days
Slovakia 4 days
Romania 4 to 5 days
Lithuania 5 days
Finland 5 to 6 days
Estonia 5 to 6 days
Bulgaria 6 days minimum
Greece 6 days minimum
Latvia 6 days minimum

An email will inform the Customer that UPS has picked up his products. At that moment, he will receive a delivery number that will allow him to follow his delivery live. All products will be delivered 7 working days after UPS has taken the products in charge.

If the products are delivered when the Customer is not at the indicated address, the Customer will be able to reprogram a delivery or recover his order at the nearest relay store.

The information regarding shipping modalities is also available on the order’s validation page, as well as on the page summing up the order, before payment.

There will be no order delivered if payment is not complete.

2. Shipping costs

Shipping costs are to be added to the total price of the order.

Shipping costs will be determined from a chart taking into account the country of destination.

France 13 €
Belgium 15 €
Austria 21 €
Croatia 29 €
Czech Republic
Bulgaria 35 €

For deliveries in France, if the price of the order is superior to 75€, the shipping will be free.

3. Receiving the products

At the moment of delivery, the Customer must verify the state and conformity of his order, in the presence of the transporter. If need be, he must emit his complaints about the apparent defects (missing or damaged products).

The Customer must contact Trudon’s client services in the fourteen (14) days following the arrival of the products. Without a valid reason, any reclamation formulated after this 14 day limit will be not be treated.

4. Returning your product

The Customer has the right to retract himself, allowing him to return his products without reason according to the conditions stated in article 5 below.

For any other reason that the Customer’s right to retract (such as damaged non-corresponding goods), the Customer is invited ton contact our Client Services (, who will give him the necessary information to satisfy his demand if possible.

Right to retract

The Customer has the right to retract his order without reason in the fourteen days (14) after receiving his order. This date will be determined by the transporter’s receipt signed by the Customer. When this 14 day lapse of time ends on a Saturday, a Sunday or a State holiday, it is automatically prolonged until the next Working day.

To use his right to retract, the Customer must send via email or postal mail, a non-ambiguous declaration, that expresses his will to retract. This declaration must be sent with the information concerning the products and their quantities returned to Trudon as well as the postal address, the order number and if possible the phone number and the email address of the Customer to the following address:

10 place des Victoires
75002 Paris

The Customer can, if he wants to, use the Right to retract form at his disposal in the annex to the T&Cs.

Products must be returned 14 days at the latest after delivery.

The return shipping costs will be at the Client’s expense.

Return modalities

Every product must be return unused, in its original packaging, unopened and undamaged. Trudon will not reimburse or exchange Products returned by the Customer that do not correspond to the products ordered or that were not ordered on Trudon’s Online Boutique.

The return shipping costs are at Trudon’s expense, who will send the prepaid UPS or colissimo label to the Customer. The Customer will drop the package off to the nearest UPS Access Point. The Product(s) will be refund as soon as Trudon receives the package. 


Trudon will reimburse the returned Products, according to the modalities describes, as well as the shipping costs (the return shipping costs are at the Customer’s expense) using the credit card used to order. If only part of the order is returned, the shipping costs will not be refunded.

The refund will take place fourteen (14) days following the date of reception of the returned products or the date at which the Customer shows proof he has returned the Products (the earliest of these dates will be used).

Customer services

Products bought from Trudon’s Online Boutique cannot be exchanged in Trudon stores or any stores selling Trudon Products.

For any reclamation, the Customer must contact us :

Limitation of liability

Trudon cannot be held responsible if the contract is not executed correctly due to a case of absolute necessity, the Client’s fault or from an unpredictable and insuperable event resulting from a third party to the contract.


Non-conformity and hidden defects

The Customer must verify the conformity of the products he has received with his order. If there is any mistake, the Customer must reach out to Trudon’s Customer Service.

Trudon products being what they are, it is impossible to repair them. The Customer will be able to ask for an exchange. Trudon will proceed to the exchange after receiving and examining the product.

If the faulty product has not been returned 30 days after the replacement product has been sent, Trudon reserves the right to withhold the value of the product from the credit card used to buy from Trudon’s online boutique.

If the exchange is impossible or cannot be put in place within a month after the products’ reception by Trudon, the Customer will be able to ask for reimbursement.

Cases in which guaranty does not apply

If the Customer returns products that do not correspond to the order or that do not come from Trudon’s online boutique, Trudon will not be obliged to comply with the modalities described.