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Welcome to Château de Gudanes

Welcome to Château de Gudanes




Château de Gudanes is the home and grand renovation project of Karina Waters, at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains. Built during the 18th century. We fell under the spell of this truly extraordinary place that uses moslty candles to light its 92 rooms.

When Trudon’s Creative Director, Julien Pruvost, passed the gates of Château de Gudanes he felt like he was travelling back in time. The level of attention given to comfort reminded him how much we take small details of our lives for granted. Lighting candles at dusk at the château is not only magical to witness recounted Julien Pruvost, it is a necessity.

Dreamy visions lost in history, reminiscent of times when dusk was a moment to slow down. One blended with nature, inside the house as well, where attendants would circulate through each room, casting the warm glow of candles. High society domestic life required the hands of many skilled and dependable people, very often considered part of the household.